Does Marketing Automation Replace Google Analytics?

In short, no – Google Analytics is best used for deep dives into your website’s traffic patterns, while your marketing automation solution can provide analytics that give you greater insight at the individual contact level. But for a more complete answer, let’s define the capabilities of both. Small businesses often ask if Automational (or any [...]

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How to Create a Killer Email Newsletter

We all know that email newsletters are a powerful form of email (and content) marketing, and that effective small business marketers use them. Yet many small business owners are resistant, fearing the level of time and effort it takes. Every month, I build our email newsletter, and it is not as painful as I’ve heard [...]

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Automational July 2016 Release – Updates, Upgrades, and Enhancements

Our latest release includes significant enhancements to Automational’s email marketing and marketing automation features, many of which were inspired by feedback from our users. Read on to see an overview of the updates, then check out the full release notes for further details. Send Better Emails, Faster We’re always working to improve the speed and management [...]

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5 Great Benefits of Marketing Automation

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “marketing automation”? Do you think of lead generation, lead nurturing, or maybe email marketing? Marketing automation, in its simplest form, is a tactic used to streamline and automate marketing and sales efforts with software. Why use marketing automation software? Marketing automation software offers several key [...]

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Supercharging Google Analytics for Small Business Success

Have you noticed that most small business owners aren’t confident that they’re efficiently using their marketing data? Small business owners often feel woefully out of touch with their data – not because they want to be, but because it can be hard to gather and control. It’s not surprising why. It seems like every week [...]

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Automational Recognized as Expert’s Choice for 2016

FinancesOnline, the fastest growing independent software review platform, recently named Automational its Expert’s Choice for 2016. Automational also received recognition for its great user experience. The review cites Automational’s compact and powerful platform, amazing drag-and-drop email builder, and comprehensive dashboard among its best features. From the review of Automational: “Automational presents an all-in-one solution that gives users the [...]

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42 Popular Content Marketing Tools You Should Be Using

If a picture speaks 1,000 words, how many words does a GIF replace? In today’s visual world, text-based content can seem tedious. Our digital-happy minds now beg for stronger, more visual marketing content, whether it comes in the form of photo or video, GIF or Snapchat. Thankfully creating beautiful media doesn’t require a specialist, or an [...]

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8 Super Simple Ways to Manage Your Email Marketing Lists

If you’re ready to take your email marketing to the next level, list management is a practice that can take you there. While it doesn’t sound very exciting, list management is the first step to better segmenting and targeting your core audience. It allows you to get more finely-tuned messages into the hands of a [...]

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3 Easy, Automated Campaigns You Should Build For Masterful Results

Marketing automation is a powerful tool small businesses use to make the most of their limited time for marketing. You’re probably familiar with most marketing automation best practices: automatically send emails based on actions, add subscribers to segmented lists, score your leads so you can prioritize them, nurture your prospects over time, and more. Many [...]

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Happy Small Business Week!

Happy National Small Business Week! This week is all about celebrating the entrepreneurs and small business owners that keep our economy humming. As proud sponsors of Small Business Week, we wanted to share three ways you can participate in the festivities. Check out the National Small Business Week website for events near you, educational webinars, and [...]

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