5 Key Steps to a Digital Marketing Strategy

What is a Digital Marketing Strategy? Without overcomplicating the definition, a digital marketing strategy is set of goals, actions, and tactics used in conjunction with your digital marketing channels to achieve your desired goals. These goals could be to increase website visits by 50% over the next few months or to increase qualified lead volume [...]

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7 Online Tools to Increase Your Productivity

Small businesses know how important it is to be efficient, as time is the most valuable resource a small team has. But limited time resources don’t mean productivity has to suffer. Luckily, technology is constantly advancing and enhancing processes for any small business to grow and thrive – so take advantage! Earlier this year, we [...]

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Automational November 2016 Release – Updates, Upgrades, and Enhancements

Our latest release includes significant enhancements to Automational’s email marketing and marketing automation features, many of which were inspired by feedback from our users. Read on to see an overview of the updates, then check out the full release notes for further details. Upgraded Email Broadcast Wizard One of our guiding principles in designing Automational is [...]

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Improve Sales Productivity with These 3 Tips

For small businesses, the burden of adding a new process or increasing your workload to improve marketing efforts – just to hope it will improve sales productivity and lead to sales at the end of the day – may not seem worth it. But today’s marketing technologies are taking the temptation to “sit back and [...]

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The Automational Marketing Success Experience

At Automational, we know that if our small business customers aren’t successfully creating ROI by using our software, then we aren’t successfully serving them. From onboarding to ongoing support, we believe that you should have access to experts for help and that you shouldn’t have to pay any additional fees to do so. We see [...]

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How to Be a Successful Marketer: 5 Habits You Should Learn

Can you learn how to be a successful marketer from "big business" marketers? Yes, you can! Small businesses – in the truest sense of the word – typically do not have multiple marketing professionals on the payroll like their “big” business counterparts. But successful small business owners know how to maximize the resources at their [...]

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9 Benefits of CRM Software You May Not Have Known

If you’re running a small business that relies on a growing database of leads to drive revenue, then you’re probably familiar with the basic functions of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. But what many businesses new to CRM software don’t often realize is that a CRM’s benefits can be seen across multiple aspects of managing [...]

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25 Subject Line Hacks That Will Increase Your Open Rates

Whether you’ve just started emailing a new list of prospects or you’ve been nurturing an email list for years, you may have a big problem: your email open rates are underperforming. How can you get prospects and customers to open your email campaigns? Crafting unique, yet effective, subject lines is actually a common problem for [...]

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How to Use Sales Force Automation for Better Results

Have your sales reps ever seemed overwhelmed as a result of your marketing success? Your audience is growing, leads are pouring in, but your sales team is having a hard time keeping up. While it’s a great problem to have, you also don’t want to short-change the amount of follow-up and guidance your sales team [...]

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Extend Automational with Our New Zapier CRM Integration

Small business owners are multi-tasking pros. One minute they’re fielding sales calls, the next they’re planning marketing campaigns while simultaneously checking the status of overdue invoices. Some days, it’s exhilarating… but on others, it can be exhausting. Thankfully, small business technology is only improving to help take the burden off.  All-in-one tools like Automational and [...]

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